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We’ve hand picked a selection of sponsors and partners that we know are leaders in the trust movement. When deciding companies to help us spread our mission with, we had to make sure the chosen ones were living and breathing the trust movement. Setting an example that those hoping to be nominated for an award can aspire to – we’re absolutely over the moon to have put together such an outstanding line up of companies we can call ‘partners.’

Becoming a sponsor or partner of the UK Trust means these companies are verified and go about business in an honest and correct way – having these companies associated with us is a badge of honour.

The support and backing of these companies is what makes the UK Trust Awards possible. By adding their name to this competition, they’re helping to promote trusted businesses and raising the bar for all other UK companies from the fresh start-ups to the established corporates.

We’d nominate every single one of these partners and sponsors for an UK Trust award ourselves if we could, each one of these businesses are that good.

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