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Entrepreneurs Institute is a leading entrepreneur education group founded by Social Entrepreneur & Futurist, Roger James Hamilton. The mission behind Entrepreneurs Institute is to empower and inspire entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

Leading the Trust Movement

Specialists in business development, Talent Dynamics train companies to focus on accelerating the levels of Trust and Flow inside their organisation. Since launching in 2009, Talent Dynamics has helped hundreds of businesses across five countries unlock the potential that exists within their staff and customers. This has been achieved through training business leaders to understand trust and the benefits a strategy focused on delivering value can have on your business. Take a look at how we’ve helped organisations in their own words.

Why is Trust important?

The most trusted companies today outperform competitors by a country mile. The growth these businesses experience is fuelled through word-of mouth recommendations as its customers and staff are its biggest fans.

High-trust cultures are fun and connected places to work. Other companies want to do business with them as they can rely on consistently good service and customers buy from them, as they know they’ll get extra value from whatever they purchase.

Michelle Clarke
“Today, we live in a Trust Economy. It doesn't matter how much cash you have in the bank, it matters how much trust you have” Michelle Clarke, Global Partnerships Manager Entrepreneurs Institute, Founder of The Trust Conference and Trust Awards

How are Entrepreneurs Institute pioneering the Trust Movement?

The Global Trust Conference.

The Global Trust Conference is about accelerating trust within your business.bobgeldoff Organised by Talent Dynamics, this annual event in its third year now, brings together renowned speakers and trainers in the field of trust. Through a mix of keynote talks and practical workshops this industry leading conference spreads the value of trust and helps hundreds of businesses understand the meaning and measure of trust and how it can be used as an economic driver for their companies. Past speakers have included Sir Bob Geldof, Stephen MR Covey, New York bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Roger James Hamilton – Author of Talent Dynamics, How to Unlock Your Teams Potential.

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The Australian Trust Awards 2015

Following the success of the inaugural Australian Trust Awards earlier this year, Entrepreneurs Institute are proud to be launching the UK Trust Awards.

With 300 entrants from all across Australia, click here to see the winners from the Australia Trust Awards