UK Trust Awards 2015 entrants

Most Trusted Small Business (For companies with less than £1M turnover)Read More

The businesses in this category will be the small companies that are punching above their weight with a cult following of loyal fans. Who will win? The winner of this category will be a small company who has built up an army of fans within a niche community. They will consistently deliver a valuable and personable experience to their loyal customers and be loved by their employees too.

Most Trusted Medium Sized Business (For companies with £1-5M turnover)Read More

The entrants in this category will be the medium-sized businesses that have a growing reputation as a trusted organisation and recognised as leaders in their field Who will win? To win this category, you will have a phenomenal track- record of meeting exceptionally high-standards. You may have recently shaken up an industry or established yourselves as a major and respected business in your niche.

Most Trusted Large Business (For companies with over £5M turnover)Read More

These are the most well respected and trusted organisations in the UK. With a stellar reputation built over many years. Who will win? The company to win in this category will have impeccable reputations and can be counted on to act with integrity even when faced with a crises. They will have built an army of loyal fans who trust the businesses to deliver exceptional service, top of the range products and who work to meet a certain set of public values.

Most Trusted Media Company (Media companies with a stellar reputation)Read More

The companies in this category will be the most trusted media businesses in the UK. Who will win? The media world is one of the fastest changing industries there is. New technologies and the way the public consumes different types of media makes this category extremely important. When an industry deals with technologies people don’t 100% understand they need to know they are getting value for money and when this media is dealing with facts and news, the public need to be sure they are hearing the truth. The winner in this category will have built a trusted reputation and when they deliver an opinion their customers and employees take it as gospel.

Most Trusted Online Business (The companies who value your online identity)Read More

These are the most trusted online businesses in UK. Who will win? Online shopping has revolutionised the way we do business. Although many people appreciate the convenience and speed of e-commerce, they express extra caution when it comes to buying from an unfamiliar company. The business that wins in this category will have built an unrivalled reputation as one of the most trusted places online. Where customers can freely enter their data without fear of being compromised or let down. It's natural for them

Most Trusted Customer Service (These give the most consistent heartfelt service)Read More

These are the companies that go above and beyond to make sure their customer service is exceptional. Customers use these companies without hesitation, knowing that that whatever happens these companies will be fair and always put the customer first when they can. Who will win? The winner in this category will deliver a first class service time and time again.

Most Trusted Hospitality and Leisure provider (The businesses which deliver the best experiences)Read More

These are the most trusted companies in the leisure space. Who will win? They may cost extra, be out of the way or be hard to book. But the hotel, restaurant, bar, gym or place of leisure that wins on this list will ooze quality. They will go above and beyond to ensure a special experience.

Most Trusted Retailers (The businesses trusted to provide best shopping experience)Read More

These are the most trusted retailers in the UK. Who will win? The retailer that is the shining light in their industry. Leading by example, they will have an honest and open supply chain that their customers know and respect. The products they sell will be of the highest-quality and when on the rare occasions they don’t meet the standard their customers expect, these businesses will ensure they make sure they make amends.

Most Trusted UK Business Leader (Someone who’s changed a company or community for the better)Read More

The individuals in this category will be the people leading by example and putting trust at the very centre of what they and their organisation do. Who will win? This person will be living and breathing the trust movement. Injecting the principals of trust into their organisations - when these individuals make a pledge to do something, you know they will follow through and most probably over deliver on their promise.They could have rejuvenated a previously failing company by focusing on customers needs or instilled a purpose into a companies values. Above all, these individuals are 100% trusted to ensure the company they lead consistently meet the impeccably high-standards the customers and staff have come to expect.

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