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Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services

Writing the right words in an effective way to get you the best results, more publicity and greater sales.

WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES provides PR, writing services and social media management and updates for businesses and ministries to help them promote, inform and inspire through the use of words. We write the right words in an effective way to get them the best results, more publicity and greater sales.

We write everything from snappy press releases to magazine features, website words, blogs, case studies, newsletters, social media and brochures. Since starting up in business in October 2013, I also now provide workshops, an after school club for primary school children, a business network, a journalism competition for ages 11 to 16-year-olds and raise funds for charity.

WRITE WAI provides creative ideas, persuasive copy and tailor-made messages designed specifically for our clients’ organisations, objectives and target audiences.

I am a sole trader, the MD/owner of WRITE WAI. As a journalist for more than 25 years and a highly experienced copywriter and PR with social media savviness, I always ensure that I write to suit my clients’ copywriting briefs, not the other way around. Having worked on newsdesks, I know how to angle a press release to catch an Editor’s eye, so we have had a good success rate in having our press releases for clients publicized or broadcast.

So, whatever our clients’ copywriting needs are, they may relax, knowing that they are in the hands of an expert, who will concentrate on their audience, their message and their aims.

I am a freelance writer, PR, journalist, editor, speaker, trainer and proofreader. I can write anything for them, from a CV or a letter to a prospective employer, an e-newsletter or striking copy for websites or brochures. As an experienced copywriter, my copywriting works. It draws attention to my client’s businesses, organisations or ministries and increases the number of leads and business, which is vital in today’s climate.

‘I am happy to recommend WRITE WAI. Sally wrote a press release about my new business start up and as a result I had the local gazette take a photo for an article. Result! It’s not just the article, it’s the great follow up work she does to raise the profile of your business.’

Karen Thompson of Healthier Soles. Karen’s press release was published in the Gazette, Colchester, and then I tweaked it for her and it appeared on the Your Colchester website and in the East Anglian Daily Times.

‘Sally of WRITE WAI wrote a fantastic brochure to publicise my business, Age Legal Services. Since engaging her to help with my publicity, I appeared four times in the Gazette, Colchester, in six weeks. I never used to get any leads through my website, but since Sally has been helping me with it, managing my Social Media and updating it for me, the number of likes on my Facebook page has quadrupled and I am regularly getting new clients who have contacted me through my website. In fact, I now so busy that I am having to employ someone part-time to help with my admin. Thank you Sally.’

Sacha Tiller of Age Legal Services.

Although I have no staff of my own, I aim to be a person of integrity and an expert in my field. While providing PR, copywriting services and social media management to businesses and ministries, I try to encourage other businesses and support young people in their standards of English and their journalistic ambitions. I have a vision to help to maintain high standards of English, despite the trend away from this led by social media.

Examples of my flair, style and ability to motivate and inspire others are:

• Setting up Junior Journalist’s Club, an after school club at Elmstead Market School, to encourage young people to maintain and achieve good standards of English. With the members, we have produced two magazines called ‘Class Chat’ with news about the school.

‘Attending WRITE WAI’s Junior Journalism Club has helped to improve my English so much that I have now been put in the extension group for English at school.’

Annabelle Wright, aged 11, of Elmstead Primary School.

• By giving talks to schools at business networks about journalism and how crafting creative content can help businesses improve their Search Engine Optimization so that in searches they can appear on the first page of Google. This helps them to drive traffic to their website and so increase their sales to their target audiences. I have achieved this for my own website and for some of my clients.

‘We were lucky to secure a visit by Sally Anderson-Wai, a former BBC broadcast journalist and newspaper journalist, during our Book Week ‘In the News’. It was a great opportunity for our children to have a real-life journalist in our school! Sally spoke to our children about her interesting and varied career, and the pupils were particularly interested to hear that she started at a young age after writing to a national magazine.

‘Sally delighted the children when she informed them that journalists need to be nosey parkers! The children learnt a great deal from Sally’s informative visit; we now have several budding journalists in our school!’

Julie Godfrey – Friars Grove School, Colchester, Essex.

‘Having met Sally a couple of times now it is clear she is no doubt an expert in her field. Today she presented about creative content and left us with loads of ideas to take away. I was motivated and inspired to carry out the ideas. I hope to have the opportunity in the future to hear her speak again.’

Debbie Neville of Holistic Beauty by Deborah Jane.

• By running workshops on ‘Press Release Writing,’ ‘Blogging for Business’ and ‘Crafting Creative Content. These have been attended by an average of nine people, who have described my workshops as ‘inspiring,’ ‘invaluable,’ ‘informative’ and ‘thought-provoking.’

Fitness instructor, Susan Wilkinson, who produced this fantastic blog, after gaining some hot tips at WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES’s ‘Blogging For Business Workshop’. Fantastic result that looks very professional. http://fiveminutefitness.co.uk/5-reasons-you-should-includ…/

Susan said: ‘Thank you Sally. I look forward to your next workshop.’

• By organizing competitions. I organized photography in the spring that attracted 40 entries from adults all over the world and 20 entries from children. In my second competition I asked people on Facebook to like and share my new banner for my business which I purchased on its first anniversary. I am currently judging my third competition. This was a news writing competition for 11 to 16-year-olds, which I ran in conjunction with Tutor Doctor Colchester North. I approached the Gazette, Colchester and asked for their support and they are going to publish the top three entries and show the winners around the newsroom and let them sit in a News Conference. The first placed entry received £100 of Amazon vouchers for their school and a Kindle Fire. Second prizewinner was awarded £50 of vouchers and third place got £25 of vouchers. We are running a similar competition this year with an extra category for would-be radio journalists and their winning entries will be broadcast on Dream 100 radio. Winning entries in the newspaper category 2015 will again be published in the Gazette.

This is an excellent opportunity, giving youngsters with ambitions to become journalists their first foot in the door. News writing is also part of the National Curriculum and the competition is encouraging high standards of the written word.

• By running a free monthly business network called Media Moguls in the Coffee Shop at Kingsland Church, London Road, Colchester, so businesses can share their successes in promoting themselves, share their expertise and can encourage one another.

• By writing two blogs. One personal ‘Sally’s Christian Blog’ (http://theonlywai.com) that has had over 6,278 views from people in 72 countries. My business blog is WRITE WAI (http://sallyandersonwaidotcom2.wordpress.com), which has had 878 views in just over one year, with the maximum number of views being 66 in one day.

‘I look forward to reading Sally’s Christian Blog which I find very encouraging and inspirational.’

Subscriber, Keith Taylor of Colchester.

It is not easy working alone but if we can encourage each other and spark ideas off each other then we will be stronger and braver in business. It will help build a better world.

I am a natural encourager, very sociable, can empathise with others, I can look objectively at someone else’s business or ministry and come up with new ideas and creative ways of promoting them. I also come up with new and innovatory ways of marketing my own business (e.g. my competitions and photographs of flowers on Facebook). These must work as often other businesses copy them (e.g. Think Social Business ran a photography competition not long after I did.)

I am naturally a very friendly person and have a friendly and relaxed style when I speak. My workshops are very user-friendly and participative. I maintain the ethos that if I can do it, then anybody can if they really want to. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated myself. If I come across free or good ways of working, I share them e.g. I have encouraged others to get free publicity by giving quotes to journalists for their articles.

‘I have attended three workshops run by Sally Anderson-Wai of WRITE WAI and found them very informative and valuable.

‘Not only did I learn new ways of promoting Dancing Giraffe through press releases, blogs and social media, but I had a great time networking.
‘Sally makes the most complicated sound simple and gave me some great suggestions for marketing my community enterprise company. Thank you Sally for making it fun and enjoyable.’

Susan Patrick, Director of Dancing Giraffe.

My achievements to date and your personal goals.

This year I held a fund raising event for a website that supports the disabled and for Beacon of Hope, a charity that pays for the education of children who have suffered during the war in the Republic of the Congo. We raised £200 in total.

I was recently awarded a Star Award from Lift Effects for self-sacrificing time and energy to raise money towards the cost of a borehole in Kenya. I personally helped raise £3,500 and the borehole is now supplying water to a village.

People have told me that I have a flair for writing and I am able to write in different styles to suit my clients’ needs. This helped me write an award submission with an agency owner who was contracting me, which went on to win the top prize in a business continuity award in 2013 for an international business.

Having worked as a journalist, I can easily spot a good story, which helps me write press releases that have a high success rate for being published in the media and on websites. Once a clients press release has been published, it does not end there. If I spot an opportunity to get a client further publicity, even if they are no longer paying me, then I will do my best to get them further promote them.

As a result of WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES successes so far, my 80 clients are now buying more of my services and recommending me to their friends. This has increased my business. I have not only broken even after my first year in business but am now making a profit. Next year my goal is to do even better.

In addition, I have taken up every opportunity to increase my business skills by doing Colbea’s ‘Small Steps, Big Changes Course,’ in March 2014, Eastern Enterprise Hubs’ Creative Entrepreneur Programme and I studied for an NVQ on Opportunities Workshops’ Sale, Marketing and Social Media Course. These achievements not only help me with my own business, they increase my skills for my clients benefit and they are ways of networking with potential clients. It also gives me lots of material for my social media content.

I also have a dream of launching an online website to encourage people in their daily lives. Individuals will be invited to share their stories of how they have overcome difficulties. This will also help to promote a positive attitude among society as a whole. This year I attended the Creative Entrepreneur Programme run by the Eastern Enterprise Hub with the aim of learning ways of how best to progress this dream.

Write Wai PR & Copywriting Services

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Sally Anderson-Wai

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