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Silver Ray Healing Therapies

Coaching and therapies to transform your energy and state of mind

Silver Ray Healing Therapies provides coaching and therapies to transform energy and state of mind
Pippa Moye set up the company in 2012, as a Holistic Therapist serving clients on a 1:1 basis. She has since expanded the range of services to include Reiki training, Meditation classes, plus Talks and Workshops on stress management and personal development. Catalyst Coaching is being introduced in late 2015 to better support clients dealing with anxiety and depression.
The company facilitates spiritual and personal development, giving students and clients a range of ways in which they are supported to attain a more positive outlook, with a stronger sense of motivation and direction, and the confidence to be true to themselves.
Reiki training courses are provided every month for those who are ready to pursue their spiritual path and develop their innate healing abilities. These are rooted in the Buddhist origins of Mikao Usui’s teachings, with an emphasis on mindfulness.
Meditation classes run on a weekly basis in East London, aimed at those new to meditation or struggling to maintain a regular practice.
Workshops, interviews and talks are offered to businesses, networking groups and other organisations with an interest in wellness. Topics covered in 2015 include: Reiki 101 – an introduction to what Reiki is and how it can help you; The Power of Self-Belief for success in business; Healthy Ways to Handle Stress.
Therapies are available for reducing stress and physical pain, to promote physical and emotional healing, and provide deep relaxation. Pippa is an expert in energy healing, with the ability to detect and remove blockages, re-establishing flow and initiating positive changes.
Catalyst Coaching is based on Positive Psychology. Pippa uniquely integrates this approach with energy work, combining practical techniques for mind-management with intuitive understanding and guidance.
Silver Ray Healing Therapies

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Pippa Moye

I am a therapist and coach specialising in stress management. I work with men and women who are creative, empathic, self-aware and sensitive to the world around them. I teach them how to manage and protect their energy and state of mind: how to avoid being overwhelmed by lifestyle demands, negative self-talk and other people’s emotions.
I am the owner of Silver Ray Healing Therapies. I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, Meditation Tutor, Catalyst Life Coach and Holistic Therapist. I am highly skilled in energy healing and intuitive guidance. I uniquely combine Positive Psychology with energetic techniques to help clients move past mental and emotional obstacles. I have succeeded in helping my clients to reduce their anxiety levels and move through spells of depression to regain their confidence, sense of control, and ability to progress in the direction they want.
Through teaching Reiki and Meditation, I enable my students to tap into their own healing ability and to find peace of mind. I facilitate spiritual and personal development, with an emphasis on mindfulness and finding balance in everyday life. I aim to inspire and empower, encouraging students to trust their inner voice. A student, having completed Reiki 1st Degree with me, said: “she has provided me with the necessary tools that will nourish my soul”.
I give talks and radio interviews on topics such as “Reiki 101”, “Healthy Ways to Handle Stress” and “The Power of Self-Belief”. I am also available to run wellbeing workshops in corporate and community settings.

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