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It's Not Shabby it's Chic

ShabbyAnd... specialise in the transformation of homes and furniture using one of the world’s leading paints, Autentico. Offering starter to expert workshops. Using Autentico paints means that you are not only accessing cutting edge design and creative ideas but also offering child friendly eco paints enabling you to paint your home fashionably and safely.
Learn with us the latest creative ideas or have us come to you and decorate everything from a coffee table to a kitchen. We also have searched the land for the finest accessories, soft furnishings and gifts to help you make any room look stunning and only ever stock up to six of each item so your home is unique, stylish and original to you.
At ShabbyAnd... we pride our selves on our attention to detail and great customer service with good repeat business that started from word of mouth and working part time from home and has now expanded over two premises and employs two members of staff to date.

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