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Rice Design

Arts & Creativity as a catalyst to promote positive change

We are currently seeking strategic new partners , creatives & innovators to help endorse & promote FLOW, our Global Project!
Be part of our mission & vision for FLOW!
For the Love Of the World a Global Education & Environment Project that celebrates the beauty & fragility of the natural world, through the eyes of its children
Selected as Social Entrepreneur of 2013 with the Entrepreneurs Institute in Bali by Social Entrepreneur & futurist Roger Hamilton & honoured to be a Fellow of the RSA. Royal Society of Arts in London.
Details best found on our campaign page, which we are preparing to relaunch with Kickstarter. www.crowdbnk.com/p/FLOW & like our Community Page on Facebook, just type in FLOW on the search bar.
A founding Ambassador for new Global Entrepreneurs Platform Merit*
Enabling student opportunities, Entrepreneurship & applied creativity to work hand in hand!

As Sir Ken Robinson, a Fellow member of the RSA so artfully describes, our children’s generation has never been so overly impacted by visual content.
The Education System has changed very little since the Industrial Age & Young People are gaining knowledge & questioning the systems in place!
We are offering an opportunity to bridge that gap. To enhance learning in the classroom & re engage pupils that maybe disengaged.

Impacting young people in & out of school, to use the Arts & Creativity as a catalyst to promote positive change!
We have over 20 years experience in Education, Environment & Empowerment with young people of all ages!
Our ventures & film making , Access to the Media & the outdoors, is endorsed by Lord David Puttnam & artist & conservationist David Shepherd!
We established a new Social Enterprise ICE cic Inspiring Creative Enterprise !
As artists, facilitators & parents we seek to unlock the potential of young people to ensure they know, they can make a difference!
Our own little boy & one of a series of Lively 60 films he's made!
Featuring beautiful snow leopards!
His poem No one owns the snow has also been pivotal to our own film making for Smaller Earth!

Dedicated to leaving a happier, healthier planet behind us, for our children & those to come than the one we have now!
Short listed & part of Smaller Earth Family & Global Entrepreneurs Competition My Big Year!
Mindful of those who have come before me that have Education, Environment & Empowerment at the heart of all they do!
Spirit Always

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Social Entrepeneur 2013 with the Entrepeneurs Institute in Bali.

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