Pathway to Prospects Ltd

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Pathway to Prospects Ltd

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Pathway to Prospects Ltd works to support vulnerable young people and adults across the Northwest. Through accommodation and support, Pathway provides stability, safety and a nuturing environment for young people within the care system and vulnerable adults requiring assisted living.
Pathway to Prospects Ltd

Most Trusted Young Entrepreneur (Aged 30 or under)

David Apsley-Thompson

Having worked within the Health & Social Care sector for over 10 years I am confident in being able to say it is where my passion lies. I am an experienced Registered Manager for Children's Homes, having become the youngest Registered Manager within the UK in 2008 at the age of 21 I proceeded to increase my drive and responsibilities through managing multiple homes.

My work focused on supporting young people (10-16) that had suffered some form of abuse or neglect which had led to family breakdown. I went on the win Social Care Worker of the year in 2009/2010 for the work I had achieved within my role. In 2010 I launched my own company; Pathway to Prospects Ltd, which works with Care Leavers (16-25).

I would say my passion for the industry I work within is now matched by my passion for business which has led to the launch of Stonemead Partnership Ltd, an e-learning platform based on training for within the social care sector. I am constantly looking to develop my own skills and experience and enrich the staff team I employ and allow for growth and development on an individual basis and as an entire organisation.

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