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One of Many

Helping women to become the shift they wish to see in the world.

Like any company, we come from many.

We are women and men grounded in the experiences of business, education, success, childbirth, health, relationships and have higher education in “life in general”.

We are authentic; we promise to be what we say we are, and do what we say we can.

We are open minded; we are on a journey like everyone else and we don’t believe in rigid systems.

We are joyful: we feel it, we believe in it, we live for it. And we know that when we share it, it multiplies.

We are many, who know it’s time…To help women become the shift they wish to see in the world, by harnessing their inherent feminine strength and elevating them to their leadership potential.

One of Many

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Joanna Martin

Founder: One of ManyTM. Author. Ex-doctor. Entrepreneur. Sister. Sometime Actor. Baby Wrangler. Personal Chef.

Joanna started her working life as a medical doctor, before a short stint at drama school helped her find her true calling- speaking and personal transformation. She launched a small coaching practice in Sydney, Australia; and before long was travelling all over the world delivering breakthrough trainings to audiences of up to 3000. Nearing burn out, and falling in love conspired to have her slow down and find a new way of doing things.

She launched a speaker training business with her husband Greg in 2008 and within 12 months had grown it to seven figures and two countries; whilst maintaining an enviable lifestyle.

The birth of her son James triggered another evolution… resulting new found skills of teething relief, high level functioning despite lack of sleep and a PhD in multitasking. Many hours spent breastfeeding in a darkened room untapped a new level of creativity and purpose which culminated in the creation of One of manyTM.

She and her family have recently moved to the English countryside from Australia. She still has trouble explaining why, but there it is.

Call it instinct.

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