National Association for Patient Participation

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National Association for Patient Participation

Involved patients, excellent care...putting patients at the heart of primary care

Trust is the key element between patients and GPs – trust is the key element if we want to put patients at the heart of our primary care – trust is the key element of partnership – together, in trust patients, GPs, practices and health care professionals can really make a difference to OUR care.
Established in 1978, N.A.P.P. and Patient Participation Groups formed a unique trusting partnership between patients, GPs and their practice which was and is essential to and results in high quality and responsive care.
N.A.P.P.’s vision is to ensure that all primary care services have an involved and active patient participation group working with health and care professionals to help ensure high quality care for all.
N.A.P.P.’s mission is to foster and promote effective patient participation and to embed the interest, perspectives and priorities of people using primary health and care services at the heart of all decision making ensuring the quality and responsiveness of services and health outcomes for patients and the wider community continuously improve.
N.A.P.P. supports the establishment and maintenance of patient participation groups by sharing good practice and providing support and advice and, to patients, practices, and health and care professionals to improve healthcare services, to involve those who are difficult to reach and to ensure that patients are at the centre of all healthcare decisions.
Without trust between us all, we will only achieve a small amount of work in isolation – together, in trust, N.A.P.P. will support Patient Participation Groups who will provide a strong foundation for patients, NHS and CCGs – exciting times ahead!

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