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Just Ballet Ltd

The Ballet Specialists

Just Ballet is a growing company set up to meet the needs of ballet dancers young and old.

With over 30 years of ballet dancing experience, its founder, Sheila Beelam, realised that whilst there were lots of dancing sites on the internet, none specialised in ballet. This led to purchases being made across different sites to get exactly what was needed.

There are many dance shops in the UK, but few are inspirational. We wanted to create an environment where dancers can come and dream. This motivation then turns into hard work and we happily give advice on products that can help you achieve your goals.

We aim to provide you with everything a ballet dancer could need. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, a baby ballerina or a teacher.

Our areas of particular interest are pointe shoe fittings and professional costumes.

Wearing incorrectly fitted pointe shoes can damage feet. Eager teenage ballerinas need to be protected from this and educated in how to dance safely. This is part of our service.

Most dancers dream of wearing a tutu. At Just Ballet we enable you to design your own costume, in conjunction with our team, to create a bespoke item to help you shine on stage. If you're not sure where to start, we also offer lots of ready made costumes.

So whether you would like to visit us online or in store, you are guaranteed a superb level of customer service and an array of products not found elsewhere!

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