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Hythehopes Ltd

Offering a first class, hassle free medical invoicing and collection service

Hythehopes believes medical professionals deserve to be paid for the work that they do, so 16 years ago Hythehopes was born. Specialists spend so many years in training and providing life-changing treatment without the guarantee of payment. Consequently Hythehopes had the vision to make a difference.

We provide hassle free billing and collection services to over 160 medical professionals across the UK and are extremely proud of the relationships that we have cultivated with consultants, secretaries, hospitals and their patients.

Our vision is to offer a first class service to private medical consultants and the feedback that our consultants and secretaries provide validates the necessity of the service we provide.

We have a dynamic, like-minded team which lives and breathes the same beliefs. We strive to deliver our core values which are to be honest and trustworthy, to honour our commitments and to be continuously improving. This enables us to achieve positive results for our clients. We have recently created a new department, Consultant Care, to enhance the experience by our valued clients, thus culminating in our participation into The Trust Awards 2015.

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