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HBT Media Management Ltd

Specialises in Social Media marketing & content writing for all types of businesses. Follow for latest news,trends & more #TheBrandThatMeansBusiness #TBTMB

HBT Media Marketing Ltd is a Social Media Consultancy company based in Essex.
We Specialise in Social Media Management, content writing and marketing for blogs and website and video marketing.

Effective marketing lies at the heart of any successful business to grow. No two markets are the same and that is why HBT Media will develop a marketing strategy for your company.

HBT Media Marketing will generate leads ,fans and customers for your business and turn them into sales.

HBT Media will offer the best specialist advice for businesses with the ambition and capacity to grow.This will includes support for developing new ideas and marketing them.

If you are a home business, tradesman , small business (retail to accountants) ,medium to corporate enterprise, HBT Media will offer your business the social media marketing it requires to drive your business onwards.
HBT Media have clients in the following business fields ;
Veterinary surgeons ;
Hospitality industry ( hotels ,spa,bars, pubs ,restaurants, event planning,transportation) , Medical practices (GP Surgeries , hospitals, dentist and opticians) ,
book keepers
landscape gardners

HBT Media achieves social marketing for your company by

1)Increasing the traffic to your website;

2) Generate leads from your website; traffic to the website is a good start, but you want them to take action when they get there. Content offers, calls to action and landing pages will help you fill your sales funnel.

3) Converts the leads to customers
Once the leads come in, we’ll work to give them more and more information tailored to their expressed interests. When they’re ready, you can reach out to close the deal.

Social Media Marketing Packages
We have several different Social Media Packages to choose from, starting with our Bronze Social Media Marketing Package right through to our Platinum Social Media Marketing Package. For more information visit our website www.hbtmedia.co.uk

HBT Media offer a wide range of services to suit your corporate needs. These services include: Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Ecommerce website, Copywriting & SEO Services, Press Release, PR Services, and last but not least our Video Production Service. Check out our marketing packages www.hbtmedia.co.uk

Our team of highly skilled designers will help you create a website, content, video and press release to your exact specifications,needs and requirements.
if your company needs growth and reduced cost . Call HBT Media today for a quote

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HBT Media marketing strategy is about the customer. We aim to achieve the best result for your company.

Press release
Social media management
Content writing
web design
Video animation
Social media promotion
Facebook posting
Twitter posting
Pinterest posting
Banner creation
Video Marketing

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