Green Youth Organization

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Green Youth Organization

Raise environmental education to advance their knowledge and skills to individuals and their participation in decision-making on environmental protection and preservation of resources.

Green Youth Organization is an international organization that was established in August 15, 2009 started in Kuwait. It’s a non-profit organization is dedicated to raise environmental awareness in the community through the establishment of programs and events for young people through scientific and recreational programs to educate all segments of the community of the importance of the environment and public health. In addition, to educate and train about the environment and the protection of natural resources about the dangers that can result from environmental pollutants and waste of resources. Also, to coordinate and cooperate with governmental and private sectors and relevant stakeholders field of exchanging experiences to advance young people’s knowledge. The organization aims to achieve greater environmental awareness and behaviors in students of universities, schools and enriching information, news and environmental knowledge and how to handle and preserve the environment.

– To Increase the level of awareness of young people in environment and energy that can help them to conserve resources, reduce costs, improve efficiency.
– To improve the quality of life of young people by advancing the knowledge through networking, education, and training.
– To educate and encourage young people in using renewable energy such as solar and wind energy to demonstrate less damage to human, animal, and planet health. In addition, to reduce the amount of waste is created and pollution during production and consumption.
– To inspire, engage, and empower youth to create a positive and sustainable community that cares about environment and energy.

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