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Dream Divers Ltd

“Our Mission is Simple! It is to teach scuba diving to people who want to be safe and respected members of the diving community and to have lots of fun doing it!”

Dream Divers have been established for nearly 10 years, founded by a group of dedicated dive professionals, who shared a desire to pass on their love for diving by teaching PADI courses. Not only to new divers, but also to already qualified divers, helping them to expand their skills and abilities by providing a wide range of continuing education courses including the PADI Adventures in Diving a wide selection of PADI Specialty courses, and of course the full range of PADI Professional courses.
Complimenting the training, they have a well stocked dive shop, full of the latest equipment for divers of all abilities, so when you are passing pop in for a chat and a coffee, and share your love of diving.
The Dream Divers Dive Club, is the active social hub that runs alongside to the dive centre, which hold regular monthly members meetings, social events as well as several drive trips throughout the year to both UK and foreign dive destinations. With the annual Red Sea Liveaboard trip proving on of the many highlights.
The club like the shop welcomes divers from all training organisations, all that matters is the enjoyment and shared love of diving.
Dream Divers Ltd

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John Smallwood

Since learning to dive in 1994 John has logged over fifteen hundred dives both in the UK and overseas, during this time he has gained extra skills which have enhanced his diving abilities and enjoyment.

Even before gaining his first PADI professional qualifications John showed great delight in helping new divers progress and to achieve their goals, in short he is a true dive professional with a great passion for diving.

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