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TeeJay Dowe

An experienced, energetic and enthusiastic motivational speaker, published author, international coach, Master Neurostrategist and NLP Trainer, TeeJay not only has the right qualifications and credentials to make a difference to you as an individual and your in business, she will captivate you with her style and leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action for yourselves as individuals and the teams that you work within.

A journey from Pharmacist to NeuroStrategist and NLP Trainer has been an amazing adventure over the last decade and testimony to the fact that you can not only dream bigger dreams but they can come true! With a mission to “inspire you to find the best within yourself in order to give the best of yourself”, for TeeJay it’s always been about empowering people to find their passion, reach their full potential and support others to do the same. Big Dreams have taken TeeJay from an employee in to entrepreneurship and she runs 3 businesses and has clients and consultants world-wide.

That journey has led TeeJay to find her true purpose for being on this planet and that is to make a difference to the confidence and self worth of young people. Leading Talent Dynamics for Young People globally TeeJay also teaches other coaches to bring this incredible tool to young people all around the world.

Despite her busy business life TeeJay’s big dreams include spending precious time with family, especially her two grandchildren, and friends spread far and wide. She is also on a mission to prove that age is just a number and we can all be fit and has gone back in to the gym with some new goals and dreams (as well as a personal trainer) to become a body builder and have the energy and vitality of a Tiger!

TeeJay Dowe
MRPharmS BScHons NLPMP HypMP GQHP CBCC LCDip BCDip NLP Trainer, Talent Dynamics Master Trainer, Author of ‘PerfectShun – Permission to be Human’

“Leading the Global Transformation of Confidence and Self Worth in Young People”

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