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Avalanche Marketing & Groves-Bardsley Limited

Investing and Creating

Avalanche's main service, social media, is an extremely focused campaign that targets the core of a businesses target market. Then, with creativity and precision, we will begin to market directly to these prospects with the view of turning them into leads. Our business experience allows us to organise diaries, follow up messages by phone, host mail phone mail campaigns and more, making our service second to none among our social media marketing competitors.

We are currently working on a secret new product that will revolutionise productivity sand effectiveness of marketing campaigns. No, this is not a piece of software or program, it is still a service, provided by us, just something that hasn't been seen before.

Avalanche offers training sessions for up to 50 delegates at this time. Our extensive sessions go into detail about targeted marketing, social media techniques, our experiences and how to get to anyone you need to via social media. If you would like a guest speaker at an event, Avalanche will do this for free as long as it is in the Oxfordshire, Wiltshire or South Wales regions (STA). Anything outside of this fuel costs will have to be paid for. Yes, we will travel to Europe also.

Avalanche also has a partner system where we train creative, business minded individuals to join the team. They will be taught how to build their own client base as well as being able to recruit employees of their own.

We do not aim to stay 'social media', we aim to mould ourselves into new markets, acquire market share and release sustaining, industry advancing products. Our current services will remain in tact as we love them.

Groves-Bardsley is the investment company and partnership.

It aims to acquire and manage property through-out the UK. Currently focusing on buying 'businesses'​ or in property speak, portfolios, especially HMO's or multi-lets. We will also look at development opportunities through-out the UK.

Having already built a large portfolio with more projects at the legals stage, Groves-Bardsley is setting a new standard for innovative investing and portfolio management.
Avalanche Marketing & Groves-Bardsley Limited

Most Trusted Young Entrepreneur (Aged 30 or under)

Josh Bardsley

I am a 20 year old business owner and investor. Over the past 2 years I have built two businesses, a marketing company and a property investment company. My passion for both business and investing is vast and I blame that on huge amounts of learning ranging from hundreds of hours of seminars to reading over 100 books.

My businesses have allowed me to create a combined team of 7 people. The businesses both received over 300% in growth in 2015.

Marketing: I own the company Avalanche Marketing, an innovative firm who's main service consists of highly targeted social media campaigns for clients spanning 16 different industries.

Groves-Bardsley: GB is my investment and holding company. In less than a year we have created a portfolio that brings £108,000 per year in rental revenue. The business is growing as we consistently bring new projects and ideas to the table. We are on for at least 100% growth in 2016.

I am also the co-founder of Young Billionaires In Training - An exclusive group of young and hungry entrepreneurs ranging from investors in forex, business and property to motivational speakers and financiers.

My sheer drive and enthusiasm has allowed me to be mentored by some of the worlds elite including a number of billionaires and millionaires.

My dream is an investment company with billions in assets where I can buy and build businesses.

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