Arohan Inc

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Arohan Inc

Arohan Inc is dedicated to making the cause of trainers collaborating with the training seekers in a trusted environment, its sole mission.

With a rich background of technology and business innovations, the company is travelling the path of intuitive collaboration in the contact based training programs.

The portal has already attracted a lot of attention basis its need based approach and clear focus of enabling knowledge transfer and coaching in the best possible provider to seeker environment.

The portal profiles the trainers containing

1. Web Profile
2. Video Profile
3. Credentialing
4. Content Sharing
5. Blog
6. Rating

and additionally allowing them to set up schedules and pricing.

On the users' side there is an intuitive GIS based search and transaction facility.

The portal aggregates the participant feedback on reaction level of Kirkpatrick Training Effectiveness Assessment Model.

The system will be available globally from 01 Sep 2015.

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