If ever there was a time for this, it’s now

What are the UK Trust Awards?

The UK Trust Awards 2015 is a celebration of the most trusted, respected and loved businesses in UK.

We’re not just looking for the businesses that are posting the highest profits or getting the most coverage in the press. We want a company to be judged on the most important factor of all – how much does its customers trust it?

Because trust between a customer and a business is the most precious transaction of all, it’s the foundation upon which every successful company is based.

This is why we’re searching for the small firms that deliver exceptional customer service despite having a tiny number of staff, as well as the big corporates that know its supply chain inside out and are open and honest about what its customers are buying and where it comes from, to every business that has fans who recommend its services to friends, family or strangers in the street.

The beauty of these awards is the businesses that make the final, will be among the most effective, productive and fun companies in UK. As trust is the component used to measure whether a company is delivering value consistently.

In a world where credibility among so many businesses has hit rock bottom, it’s time to take a stand and shine a light on the firms in this country that are promoting values and then delivering on them time and again.

That’s why the only way to crown the winners of the UK Trust Awards is to have them voted for by the people who matter most – customers and staff members. These are the people who will see and feel how much a business values them.

So, click on ‘vote now’ and tell us who you think should be crowned the most trusted business in UK.

How does it work?

Simply apply to enter here. It will take you less than 10 minutes to enter and you can immediately be getting votes to win. There are no detailed forms to complete and we don’t have rounds of interviews either. There is no judging panel holed up in some room somewhere deciding if you are trusted. Your team, customers and stakeholders get to decide that for you

What to do once you have entered your company or self

Once you have entered you can begin to share your entry with your clients and team. Its their votes that count. How you promote your entry is up to you, but we’d suggest posting across your social media channels, writing about it on your blog, including it in a newsletter to your mailing list or even putting a poster up in your shop or office. After all, this is a celebration of brilliant UK businesses and thanks to that nomination you and your customers are invited to join the party.

The company or leader with the most votes in each category on August 28th when the voting closes will be declared the winners at the celebration event on 12th September in London. We know that Company’s with completed bio’s and logo’s get the most votes, so do update this once you have entered.

The companies with the most votes in each category will show on the top 10 leaderboard each day so you can check back to see if you are in the top 10


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